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My wife, Jill, and I enjoy traveling to gas shows and numerous auctions across U.S. We enjoy looking for treasures to bring back to the shop. While we are out traveling we have two great men, Brad and Taylor, taking care of everything back home. Brad is in charge of all our restoration projects. Taylor manages our sales, Ebay Store, and all the auctions that we sell with. Our oldest daughter, Megan, has recently come aboard this year to take care of all our administration needs.

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Route 32 History

A hobby and passion of mine has transformed into the best business I have ever been a part of! I have always collected something throughout my life. I started collecting die cast cars in my twenties and my passion for collecting has grown into what it is today. I went down the path of trying to retire and found that I had way too much time on my hands, so I dabbled in restoring muscle cars and realized it took more time and money than I wanted to put in. I have always had a passion for gas pumps and it became an easy transition from cars. I immediately enjoyed everthing about restoring gas pumps and all that came with it. Before I knew it the business had grown into buying, selling, trading and restoring close to 100 pumps a year.

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